J E F F

'I'm Jeff and 'the shack' is what happens when your VW hobby gets out of hand! I drive a '89 T3 with a few go-faster mods, and we have a restored standard '72 bug and a scruffy Porsche 914 among other VW toys!'

    S A R A H  

'Hello, I'm sarah, I sometimes drive a '68 Bay called Hank. I've worked here longer than I can remember, in that time I have learnt many skills in mechanics and welding.'

       A B E E

' Hi, i'm Abee and i'm the Shack phone anwserer', chef, agony aunt, cleaner, organiser, admin and PR! I spent alot of time at the shack, and gradually just became part of the furniture.. I have a tatty T25 called Fanny! (See number plate!)


' Hi, i'm Kirky, I drive a MK2 golf called Deano. I've organised and ran an Air cooled only show called 'Old Friends'. I started working on Volkswagens when I was 14, and it's got a little out of hand since then...